A 21-Day Sugar Detox & Personal Training Challenge



Do you CRAVE sugar?!??


You’re not alone! Many people find themselves unable to stop once they start eating something sweet.  It may feel like your “sweet tooth” has a  mind (and will) of it’s own.

And now Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas – and all the sugary, sweet treats that go with them – is knocking on your front door.  You are worried about how your clothes will fit in January if you go into the season with this out-of-control sugar addiction.  WHAT TO DO??

“Battle of the Bulge” is a 21-day SUGAR DETOX and personal training program designed to reduce your sugar cravings and make you leaner and stronger – and with the holidays coming up, this is EXACTLY what you want to do!

Our Semi-Private Personal Training program is HOT and people are getting amazing results!  You’ll benefit from 2 sessions each week with one of our very experienced trainers AND receive programs you can do on your own, in or out of the gym!

You’ll breeze through the holidays with confidence and peace of mind, and find yourself arriving in 2019 looking and feeling better than ever!



October 29-November 17



Snap Fitness Cape Girardeau, 2530 William Street



Women or men  who wish to increase strength, improve body composition, and conquer sugar cravings.



6 Semi-Private Personal Training sessions ($97.50 value)

3-week membership to Snap Fitness (non-members only) ($30 value)

21-Day Sugar Detox Program (includes recipes and meal guides) ($49.00 value)

MyZone Activity Belt (monitors heart rate, calories burned and effort all in real time) ($99.00 value)

MyFitMembers App (inlcudes TONS of resources and lessons, as well as extra workouts) ($25.00 value)

TOTAL VALUE:  $300.50



Cost for members:  $79.99

Cost for non-members: $94.00

(plus a $50 refundable deposit for MyZone Belt. You’ll get the money back if you don’t want to keep the belt!)



Click the appropriate link below. Your payment serves as your registration.  You will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm!

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Questions?  Call me at 573-836-3446 “-)