Blog / Fitness / Nutrition On November 24, 2018

How to Beat the Ho-Ho-Holigains!

The average person gains 5-7 pounds between Thanksgiving 🦃and New Year’s. 🎉don’t let this be you! ) What causes this weight gain? A combination of: -believing they’re too busy to exercise -eating too many “once a year treats” -skipping meals and overeating later -not making their health a priority -overindulging with alcohol -eating way more high calorie foods than usual Unfortunately, the…

Nutrition On January 25, 2017

8 Little-Known Weight-Loss Hacks

Changing your habits requires focus, effort, and thought. BUT, as you know, much of our thought life is subconscious and many of the things we do are done out of response to our environment. For example, you’re out at lunchtime and hungry. You stop at the first fast food restaurant you see. Or, you hear somebody talking about German chocolate…