Forgive me if you are already among the enlightened, but through a Cajun friend of a friend — my life has been changed by the wonders of a southern gem.

I am talking about the Rice Cooker! Do you people have one of these? Oh my gosh, there is no end to the magic of this useful kitchen gadget!

I thought the first two uses I found beyond rice were incredible time savers — but that’s just the beginning!

First things first, why this gadget is amazing for it’s given purpose: Rice. We all know rice is an essential complex carb for muscle building — always go with jasmine, basmati or brown, not white! The rice cooker will give you the fluffiest, tasty rice you’ve ever had. It’s automated so you simply put in the appropriate amount of rice to water, flip the switch and let it work! It saves me so much time just to simply NOT have to watch the pot and continually test the rice. Trust the Contraption! It will work. As my friend says: “No self-respecting woman in Louisiana has less than two rice cookers in their home!”

Yes, they eat a lot of rice down on the bayou – but there are so many uses. You can also do other great nutritional foods for your meals like quinoa or oatmeal! Just follow the general instructions of water to your quinoa or oats and go! It only takes 20-30 minutes depending on the batch size. Feel free to season as usual during the cooking process. You may need to do a bit of trial and error in order to fine-tune the consistency you desire.


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