The average person gains 5-7 pounds between Thanksgiving 🦃and New Year’s. 🎉don’t let this be you! )

What causes this weight gain? A combination of:

-believing they’re too busy to exercise
-eating too many “once a year treats”
-skipping meals and overeating later
-not making their health a priority
-overindulging with alcohol
-eating way more high calorie foods than usual

Unfortunately, the majority of this extra weight does not go away after New Year’s. Many people will hold on to 5 lbs or so. Fast forward 4 years and you’ll hear them wonder how they put on 20 lbs without realizing it!

Obviously, the best thing you can do is to NOT gain in the first place (but if you do, take action right away- before life gets in the way and the extra weight is your new normal).

How do you avoid it? By making a few simple rules for yourself:

1. Stick to a regular meal schedule (research shows the irregular eating schedules DECREASE your metabolism)

2. Don’t go to parties hungry

3. No snacking between meals

4. Pick 1 day a week to have a treat, keeping in mind that there WILL be other opportunities to have it again in the future so there’s no need to gourge yourself.

5. Have a salad or veggie AND a glass of water at the beginning of a holiday meal, then the other stuff.

6. Work out for 45-60 minutes, 3 times per week NO MATTER WHAT. 💪
(If you don’t currently have an exercise routine, NOW is the time to start one… not AFTER the holidays. Scroll down for an easy fix for this! )

Prepping as many meals as possible for yourself will help immensely , too! (or you can use my friend Susan Lynne Welch‘s meal prep service:

If you’re looking for a great workout (or some extra accountability) consider Boot Camp Challenge (I know the words, “boot camp ” sound scary, but it really isn’t!)

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Do you have a tip or strategy you use to prevent holiday weight gain? If so, leave it in the comments!