“Blast the Fat Workout”
“Rock Hard Booty Workout”
“Walk Your Way to Skinny Workout”

…there are literally THOUSANDS more workouts out there – and most of them are free. But how do you know which one is right for your skill level, goals and lifestyle? You don’t.

But I have your solution…

How would you like to have a 100% CUSTOMIZED workout built just for you? We will have a phone date where I will gather all the information I need (like your abilities, equipment, schedule, goals, wants, etc.), then I will design a custom workout program for you to meet your needs! I will deliver it to your email via a PDF file.

When you are ready, I can update your program so that you keep your body guessing and keep your progress going!

Cost: $65

Each update: $25

Email me at tcrowson.fitness@gmail.com to get started!


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